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We’ve focused on solving the autoimmune diagnostic challenge for more than a decade.

Our breakthrough RNA analytic process, IQIsolate™, gives providers a new tool to confirm a suspected autoimmune diagnosis with accuracy greater than 90% and help patients at the earliest sign of symptoms.

Licensed providers can get more information by scheduling a call with an IQuity Provider Specialist. Please give us at least 24 hours notice of a meeting request.

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Patients can contact IQuity Customer Care at 877.896.9582 or email customercare@iquity.com.

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If you suspect your patient has an autoimmune disease, IQuity’s novel RNA blood tests provide a yes or no result within a week of receiving the patient sample in the laboratory.




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RNA Unlocks Th eCode

RNA Unlocks the Code

Accurate Results

Accurate Results

Improved Outcomes

Improved Outcomes

The Value of Isolate Test Panels
Early. Accurate. Fast.

Conventional wisdom suggests that early diagnosis and treatment leads to the best outcomes. Autoimmune disease is no exception. Early diagnosis of these conditions is complicated by a variety of symptoms that can mimic other diseases. The Isolate tests are:

  • greater than 90% accurate at the earliest onset of symptoms
  • actionable, with information delivered within a week of receiving the patient sample in the laboratory

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Disease Damage Progression


Specialists are facing a future with fewer physicians and growing patient populations. Isolate tests can help these providers ensure they are seeing the patients who need their help the most.

Internists & Primary Care

Primary Care and Internal Medicine providers are often the first to see patients who present with an autoimmune condition.

When you suspect that a patient’s symptoms may indicate a disease or disorder like multiple sclerosis, IBS, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, IQuity’s breakthrough RNA blood tests provide a Yes or No result within a week of receiving the patient sample in the laboratory. Now referrals to specialists can be accompanied with a test result that is more than 90% accurate.

The IQuity Process

How to Order a Test

  1. Providers register with IQuity for access to the ordering portal.
  2. Only licensed providers can order tests.
  3. IQuity coordinates with the patient for payment and arranges the blood draw.
  4. IQuity processes the sample, analyzes the data, and returns the result to the provider.

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