New Advancement – RNA Blood Test
Providing Early Answers

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is difficult to diagnose with nonspecific symptoms that often mimic other diseases. This results in multiple physician visits, multiple tests and months or years before your doctor can reach a definitive diagnosis.

Now, IsolateMS®, the first RNA blood test for MS, gives your provider information at the earliest sign of symptoms that is greater than 90% accurate.

NOTE: At this time, the IsolateMS® test is not available in New York. IQuity will update this list as licenses are obtained.

Ready for Answer?

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If you think you might have MS, talk with your provider about IsolateMS®. The test process starts with a simple blood draw with results delivered quickly, giving you peace of mind.

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The Earlier, the Better

Early diagnosis leads to better long-term outcomes

Delay is Risk

Damage is irreversible

Life Disruption

Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce disability

My Multiple Sclerosis Story

I was diagnosed with MS when I was in my early 20s. And, I guess my story isn’t much different from others who experience weird symptoms and then seek to find out what is going on with their bodies: seeing too many doctors; having too many tests; and way too much waiting without knowing what’s going on. After almost a year of worry, my neurologist figured it out – I had MS.

I finally knew what was wrong and was able to start treatment that’s allowed me to get back to living my normal busy life.

I recently learned about a new RNA blood test, IsolateMS®. Now doctors have a tool that significantly shortens the time it takes to diagnose their patients. That would have made such a difference for me! A year is a long time.

Anna Webber, Commercial Photographer
My MS Manager, Ambassador,
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America