Autoimmune Disease Dilemma

Do you know there are over 80 different autoimmune diseases affecting 50 million Americans? Most are hard to diagnose, leaving patients waiting for answers for months to years while irreparable damage continues.

At IQuity, we understand the difficult, lengthy and costly journey patients face when battling an autoimmune disease. We know that diagnostic uncertainty brings fear and anxiety for patients and their families. And, we are working to give providers more information at the earliest sign of symptoms.  This allows them to deliver the best care as soon as possible to improve the quality of life.

The Isolate tests can identify autoimmune diseases in neurology, gastroenterology, and rheumatology. The IQIsolate® process takes about a  week from the time the patient sample is received in the laboratory and delivers results to your provider with greater than 90% accuracy.

Ready for Answers?

If you suspect you or a loved one has an autoimmune disease or condition, download our brochure and talk with your provider. Please join our community to stay up-to-date on our progress

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Available Tests

IsolateMS® | IsolateIBS-IBD® | IsolateFibromyalgia®

How an RNA Test
is Different from DNA

While DNA is a term you are probably most familiar with, DNA is only able to tell you if you are at risk of developing a certain disease.  RNA expression looks at what is going on in your body in real-time – if a disease is present or not.

Watch this video to learn more about this important breakthrough in detecting autoimmune disease and how you can talk to your provider.

Early Answers

Effective at earliest sign of symptoms

Easy for Patient

Simple blood draw

Quick & Accurate

Greater than 90% accurate in just 7 days from the time the sample reaches the lab

Living with Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases are treatable, but they are chronic conditions with damage that is irreversible. Today’s treatments are very effective in slowing disease progression, and early detection leads to the best treatment sooner.

So, how do get the answers you need as soon as possible? The first step is an accurate diagnosis at the earliest possible stage of your disease. Talk with your doctor about the Isolate tests– the latest advancement in autoimmune diagnostics. The RNA blood tests deliver accurate, reliable results to support your provider’s suspicion that you have an autoimmune condition.

If you suspect that you have an autoimmune disease, see your medical provider and discuss the Isolate tests to get started on the appropriate course as soon as possible.

IQuity Test Order Process

How to Get Started

Be sure to talk with your provider about the Isolate RNA Blood tests. Download an educational brochure to take to your appointment.  Once your provider orders your test, the process is easy.

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia