Patient FAQs

What are the Isolate tests?

Quity’s Isolate tests are blood tests that analyze your RNA to help your provider quickly, accurately, and safely assess whether or not you have a specific autoimmune disease. The tests include IsolateMS for multiple sclerosis IsolateIBS-IBD (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) IsolateFibromyalgia (the panel also includes rheumatoid arthritis and lupus). The tests are greater than 90% accurate at the earliest sign of symptoms. IsolateMS is currently available, IsolateIBS-IBD will be available in early November and IsolateFibromyalgia later this year.

What do the tests measure?

The Isolate tests measure RNA gene expression patterns in whole blood. Using gold standard approaches widely adopted in the molecular lab industry, expression of a gene is quantified to determine the extent to which a particular gene is turned on or turned off. In our analysis, we found unique gene expression patterns across healthy and sick patients for each autoimmune disease. IQuity’s IQIsolate process identifies which pattern your blood most resembles. The IQIsolate algorithms produce a simple Yes or No test result which allows your provider to confirm a suspected diagnosis.

What is gene expression?

Gene expression is the term used to describe gene activity or production of RNA. Gene expression occurs throughout a person’s life in the cells and tissues of the body. Gene expression can change in response to disease and other conditions. Analysis of gene expression tells you what’s happening in your body right now. Our tests are the first to use RNA analysis to help providers diagnose autoimmune diseases and related conditions earlier and with greater than 90% accuracy.

How reliable are the tests?

The tests are greater than 90% accurate.

How can the tests help me?

The Isolate tests offer your provider a new diagnostic tool that reduces the lengthy, frustrating and costly process of reaching a diagnosis. Since the tests are effective at the earliest onset of symptoms, you can get the answers you need to get started on the right treatment sooner. And, early treatment leads to better long-term outcomes.

How is the test performed?

Your physician must order the test for you. The test requires a blood sample, taken at your physician’s office or at a blood draw facility by a licensed professional. The sample is then shipped to IQuity’s CLIA-certified laboratory for analysis. Results are sent to your doctor in as little as a week from the date your sample reaches our laboratory. Your doctor will contact you to discuss your test results and help you understand what the information in your test report means.

Will my doctor know about this test?

We are working hard to make sure doctors and other clinicians are aware of these new tests to ensure you get answers you are looking for as quickly as possible. You can take an active role in your care by downloading a brochure and sharing the test information with your provider. The brochures can be found on the individual, disease-specific patient pages on the website.

What does the test cost?

IQuity’s tests are priced consistently with others like it and are often less than other diagnostic procedures. The cost of diagnosis of an autoimmune disease varies by the number of procedures and time to complete them. IQuity’s tests can be used at the earliest onset of symptoms by a provider who suspects the presence of an autoimmune disease, thereby limiting the number of repeated office visits and diagnostic tests over time.

Will my insurance cover the tests?

Insurance does not currently cover the test, and payment is the responsibility of the patient. IQuity is actively pursuing insurance coverage. IQuity is committed to ensuring access to the tests for as many patients as possible by offering discounts and a payment plan.

How do I pay for the test?

When your provider orders the test, you will receive an authorization code that will be used to pay upfront for the test. IQuity’s patient payment portal will accept payment in the form of a credit, debit card or PayPal.  PayPal offers the option to pay for the test over time.  The plan allows you to pay interest free if the balance is paid in full within six months. Once the payment is confirmed, the blood draw can occur as planned by you and your provider.