Nashville-based data science company IQuity has announced the release of IsolateFibromyalgia, a blood test that uses RNA analysis to help health care providers accurately and quickly detect fibromyalgia syndrome.

According to a release, IsolateFibromyalgia uses a simple blood draw to detect, with 94 percent accuracy, if a patient’s gene expression pattern is consistent with fibromyalgia syndrome.

Providers who suspect fibromyalgia in a patient can order the test at, with results delivered back to the provider within seven days of receiving the sample in the laboratory — reducing by months and even years the time it currently takes to diagnose the disease, the release notes.

IQuity did not disclose in a release the cost to create the test.

“RNA analysis is a cutting-edge tool for doctors that has great potential in the field of medical diagnostics,” Dr. Chase Spurlock, CEO of IQuity, said in the release. “Unlike DNA, which can predict the risk of certain diseases, RNA shows what’s taking place right now in a patient’s cells. That information can speed up the pace of diagnosis for physicians, leading to faster, more effective treatment for patients.”

IQuity has previously released IsolateMS, for multiple sclerosis, and IsolateIBS-IBD, for irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease (which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis).