Launch Tennessee Awards $7 Million in Matching Funds To Over 40 TN Businesses

Launch Tennessee (LaunchTN) announced their newest SBIR/STTR Matching Fund grant recipients today and the list is notable. The SBIR/STTR Matching Fund is a strategic initiative developed and administered by LaunchTN to advance the commercialization of technology innovation and job creation across the state. The grant program is in its fourth year and has truly been the catalyst for fueling the growth of many Tennessee high-tech, high-wage companies. READ MORE

Illuminating an Invisible Epidemic: A Systematic Review of the Clinical and Economic Benefits of Early Diagnosis and Treatment in Inflammatory Disease and Related Syndromes

A long-sought-after goal among healthcare professionals is to devise strategies that enhance patient care and simultaneously reduce expenses. Inflammatory diseases and chronic syndromes currently impose an immense social and economic burden with annual direct costs attributable to the reviewed group of inflammatory diseases and syndromes currently projected to be greater than $90B. READ MORE

QUOTED: Chase Spurlock: Medtech Insights

“We proposed that, by being able to look inside the blood, these RNA patterns could be used as an early alarm system to be able to shine light on patients with suspected cases of Alzheimer’s…” See more from QUOTED. Oct. 5, 2018.  Chase Spurlock:  Medtech Insight. READ MORE

IQuity Lands NIH Grant To Help Identify Alzheimer’s Early: Medtech Insight

This supplemental funding from the NIA is being put to use immediately,” Spurlock said. “We are recruiting patient specimens, doing the analysis, and looking for the signals in blood that could be early biomarkers for Alzheimer’s and then trying to identify the distinct patterns for Alzheimer’s in age-matched healthy controls – versus dementia versus mild cognitive impairment – so that we can appropriately ‘bucket’ and triage these patients at a molecular level.” READ MORE

IQuity Wins $320k NIH Grant to Develop Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Tech

“IQuity’s advances in RNA testing and data science have potential to create predictive diagnostic tools that will lead to an earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s,” Iquity CEO Chase Spurlock said in a statement. “New therapies that emerge for Alzheimer’s will be most effective when administered early, which is difficult with today’s diagnostic approach.” READ MORE
Nashville Post Press Hit for IQuity

NIH Grant for IQuity Alzheimer’s Expansion

Data analytics company IQuity has snagged a National Institute of Aging grant to expand its research into the study of Alzheimer’s disease and possible new diagnostic tools. The $320,000 grant from the NIA, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, will give the three-year-old company another chance to deploy the data mining and READ MORE

Raising Fibromyalgia Awareness: Here’s to a Proper Diagnosis

Obtaining a timely and accurate diagnosis of this complex, chronic pain disorder can be difficult. Knowing what to expect at the doctor’s office may ease the process. Plus: A new blood test offers hope. As we head into National Fibromyalgia Awareness day – May 12 – Practical Pain Management spoke with Dr. David A. McLain, READ MORE

New Fibromyalgia Blood Test Boasts 94 Percent Accuracy

iQuity, a Nashville-based data science company, is now offering a blood test to aid in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The IsolateFibromyalgia test relies on RNA gene expression to identify fibromyalgia, a disorder of unknown origin that causes body-wide pain, fatigue, cognitive issues and other debilitating symptoms. “RNA analysis is a cutting-edge tool for doctors that has great READ MORE