Clinical Lab Testing Discontinued
IQuity R&D Lab to Continue

Effective immediately, IQuity will no longer be accepting new blood test orders. Tests currently in process, with blood draws through Thursday, June 20, are being performed and results delivered to the ordering provider.

IsolateMS® |  IsolateIBS-IBD® | IsolateFibromyalgia®

We appreciate the support of providers and patients across the country for our novel RNA blood tests. Your utilization has helped us assess clinical utility for each of these tests. We appreciate the role you have played in our success thus far. We are actively engaged with potential licensees or acquirers of the technology who will be able to optimize the availability of the tests and potentially secure insurance reimbursement.

New Offering – IQuity Analytics

The knowledge we have gained has fueled new opportunities for IQuity. Our analytics offering identifies patients with undetected or uncontrolled autoimmune diseases using a variety of healthcare datasets to monitor patients at a population level. The insights derived from the analytics offering will support diagnostic efforts and offer a current view of the patient’s condition between office visits.

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